Well, what can I tell you… I work at Magic Leap (and that’s about all I can say). Prior to my current role, I worked on MasterCard’s developer program, I cofounded a company that was acquired, and worked for Apple when Steve Jobs was running the show.

I am a global facilitator and organizer for Startup Weekend / UP Global. I mentor entrepreneurs independently and through accelerators such as Techstars, Startupbootcamp and the AngelHackcelerator, and I volunteer for a variety of other causes. I have previously served as a volunteer elected legislator.

I enjoy good food. I’m a pretty good consumer of it, though I cook once in a while. I love to travel, mostly for regional culture, historical architecture, and the great outdoors. Music is another enjoyment of mine, but don’t ask me to name particular songs/scores or artists/composers. Photography is a luxury.

I am a proud alumnus of UConn and previously served on the board of the university itself as well as its foundation.

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