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APIs for the Internet of Things

The recent announcement from Google’s Sundar Pichai should be a reminder that connected devices, otherwise known as “the internet of things,” are here to stay. Yes, we know that Google Glass isn’t exactly mainstream (remember, I returned mine), but that isn’t the only device type we can look forward to. Everything from your watch to your washing machine is connecting to the internet, but until Mr. Pichai’s announcement, many of these systems have been closed (adoption of android on new devices is a whole other story). Where an opportunity exists for existing and new IaaS and PaaS companies is to provide useful hardware-based services. There are MANY creative solutions that can be sold as a service. In addition, there is a tremendous data opportunity here, which as we all know is a major investment focus for many firms and corporations. I’m looking forward to seeing significant IaaS and PaaS development in this space.

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