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Film Review: The Square

I was fortunate to attend a showing of The Square, a documentary focused on the political and social tensions in Egypt we have seen during this decade. This Oscar short-listed film purports to show the revolution from “behind the headlines,” and I have to say it did an excellent job of doing so. The film took viewers into the often chaotic situation in and around Tahrir Square of the clash between a revolutionary force, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Egyptian Army. As a character-driven film, the story focuses on six individuals who are not afraid to show their hearts to the camera. I was thoroughly impressed by how the filmmakers were able to capture the emotion of given situations for most stakeholders rather than provide a dispassionate review that we often see in the media and other films. I highly recommend that anyone who has a chance to the see this film does so.

On the business side, it is interesting to note that Netflix has acquired exclusive streaming rights for this film. This is a continuation of a trend we will continue to see, which I pointed out in a previous post.

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