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I Don’t Own a TV… For Now.


I don’t own a TV. I know; crazy, right? I’ll let that settle in for a moment…

Ok, now that you’ve had time to stop hyperventilating and settle down, let me explain why. In order to explain, it is first important to understand what is happening  in the world of TV. This will probably be more relevant to those of you who pay the bills in the house, so hang in there.

Cable operators are becoming less relevant, primarily due to the internet. Companies like YouTube (Google), Netflix, and Hulu are changing the idea of what “television” is (as evidenced by the latest Emmys), and freeing networks and content producers from their traditional dependencies. I can get almost all of the content I could get from cable on any internet-connected device with a browser, and I can get it for FREE. Now, I can sense you sports fans out there are already offering a counter-point, noting the lack of live television option online. But how long do you really think this will last? Companies like Aereo are already offering internet-based alternatives, and networks are beginning to stream live content on their sites. For me, I have no reason to own a TV and pay a cable bill, but I can see how the former of those two might change in the future.

The real advantage of TV ownership for me will be two-fold: 1. To watch something with a large group of people, it would be nice to have a giant screen in the room, and; 2. To be entertained in a way that is different from other platforms. As technology continues to develop at a ridiculous rate, the cost of production for large televisions will continue to decline, leading to more giant screens in living rooms. Technology development also means new uses of internet-connected TVs. How long until your XBOX, DVR, and standard operating system complete with apps is an all-in-one system? With the introduction of platforms like Chromecast, this idea is quickly becoming a new reality. I may get a television in the future, but sorry cable, besides my internet you just aren’t worth the cash right now.

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